Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Some of my mermaid treasures ...

For many years now I have been a mermaid enthusiast and an avid collector of all sorts of mermaid paraphernalia. Here are just a few of my favorite mermaid pieces. Some were precious gifts from beautiful friends, some I bought, some I made myself ... :)

Mermaid Oil Lamp (Pyramid Collection)

Mermaid clock

Mermaid mirror (Brassbinnacle)

Merman and Mermaid plaster sconces

Mermaid Fairy statue

Mermaid candle

Mermaid wind chimes by Sunset Vista Designs

"Moon Mermaid" by Selina Fenech

My beautiful mermaid athame

My mermaid pentagram pendant

"Mer-Crow Love" as created by the talented and innovative artist MagicLoveCrow

 "Sea Maiden and Pirate"
  by Robert Kline

"On the Dragon's Back" by David Delamare

"Mermaid Dolly and the Ship's Cat" by Robert Kline

"Mermaid Holly with the Christmas Cat" by Robert Kline

"Mermaid Endive with the Curious Cat" by Robert Kline

My small handmade mermaid wreath

My large handmade mermaid wreath

Jim Shore's "Island Welcome"

Ever since I was a child, I held a strange fascination with mermaids. I remember watching an old cartoon on my grandmother's cable television called, "Marine Boy" about the adventures of a boy and his friends, a mermaid named "Neptina" and her dolphin, companion Splasher. I would sit on the floor and actually draw these characters while I watched the show. Oddly enough, I used to do the same thing while watching "The Flintstones." LOL! 


  1. Wow Kim, you have an amazing collection! So beautiful!! Big Hugs!

  2. LOVING Everything!!!
    Stacy always has beautiful paintings to add to the magick of your home~

    Love and Hugs