Monday, July 30, 2018

Mermaid tails ...

Speaking of mermaid tails, there are all kinds of cool cheap little items which you can find on sites such as WISH or Tophatter. One of the neat things I found on Tophatter recently were a couple of pretty (and very comfy, warm) mermaid tail blankets ...  

My cat Tabitha posing in the background ...

This little purple one I picked up at the store Five Below, but since it is a kids size and far too small for me to use, I let my cat Leo confiscate it.  

As you can see, he loves it and he snoozes on it every day ...

Pier One Imports was having a good sale on these cute little note pads ...

They had various gemstones designs and all of the zodiac signs as well ...



You know it is a funny thing, but a couple of years ago I could hardly find anything with mermaids. Now, this stuff is pretty much everywhere I go! 


  1. You are rocking it Kim! You are finding such amazing things!! Love the mermaid blankets! Those note pads are so cute! Big Hugs Leo!

  2. I never saw those kind of blankets. I love them.

  3. Darling blankets and note pads Kim!!!
    The fun is in searching for buried treasures to we collectors :)

    Big Hugs ❤🐱❤