Sunday, August 12, 2018

Living Mermaid style!

If you live near a Charming Charlie store, you may wish to check out these really cool mermaid items ...

Mermaid mugs & cups

Mermaid key chain

I was shopping around with my mom at our local ULTA Store, and I found a BEAUTIFUL eye make-up brand called Urban Decay. Now, I have tried a few other cosmetic brands, but after trying this product, I can not say enough about their Double Team Special Effect Colored Mascara!! I have purchased four different colors and I love the way the colors show up and compliment your eyes! It doesn't clump either. So far, I have tried the Gonzo (blue), Deep End (teal), Vice (purple), and Junkshow (pink). To remove it, you have to use either baby oil (I use Clinque eye and make up remover because it is allergy-tested), or the like.

Here is what the pink looks like with the matching eyeliner ...

The eyeliners for the corresponding colors come in both pencil and liquid. I much prefer the pencil because I find it much easier to apply underneath your eyes.


  1. Such pretty and sparkling eyes Kim...just like one of your mermaids! Perfect!
    I love that saying and it is so pretty!
    Have a lovely evening~

    1. Thank you, Jan! The colors are fun for sure! Love & blessings to you!

  2. Beautiful shades of mascara. I agree. I love those cups and the key chain. You always find the best things.

  3. Beautiful Kim! I have to tell you, Urban Decay is the only makeup I use! I love it! I love your mugs and key chain! Big Hugs!