Sunday, June 2, 2019

From the treasure chest

Greetings everyone! I have some new things for the treasure chest to show you all - most were sale purchases found in my most recent travels. Check out these little items ...

Framed water color mermaid.
Mermaid book.
Mermaid cap.
Mermaid mug.
Another new mermaid book.
A Jim Shore mermaid ornament.
A mermaid make-up brush and a sweet gift from my friend Deb - a sequin mermaid tail key chain and a cute pair of mermaid socks!
A set of three mermaid glasses.
Two cool mermaid note pads.
A mermaid hand towel.
Mermaid magnifying glass.
Pair of pretty mermaid earrings.
Glass candle holder.
Mermaid statue.
A solar panel mermaid statue.

Happy treasure hunting, my dear fellow mermaids!!


  1. That's a great new lot of mermaid items.

    All the best Jan